Choosing Your Party Affiliation for Effective Political Engagement

Navigate the political landscape with confidence. Discover the importance of party affiliation, evaluate your values and ideologies, and make an informed choice

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North Carolina and the Democratic Party

Delve into the captivating history of the Democratic Party in North Carolina as we navigate through its roots, present standing, and future possibilities.

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CDNC Statement on Margaret Spellings

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – The College Democrats of North Carolina released the following statement in regards to the UNC Board of Governor’s appointment of Margaret Spellings as the new President of the University of North Carolina system.


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Join CDNC!

Are you a college Democrat who wants to help turn NC blue? Apply for a position on the CDNC team!

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8 Reasons to Say "No" to Thom Tillis

1) In 2013, three different NC legislators spoke out against Thom Tillis, claiming the Speaker of the House was pandering to special interests and his prospective Senate campaign

"It is a huge disappointment that the Governor and the Speaker of the House did not provide the leadership or have the political backbone to fight the special-interest groups, who favor loopholes over a fair tax system."

Republican State Senator Bob Rucho in a letter of resignation from chairmanship of the NC Senate Finance Committee


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A Reason to Vote

It’s been almost 100 years since women were given the right to vote and still American women are disproportionately underrepresented in our government.  The 113th Congress has 99 female members, making up just 18.5% of the seats.  Only four women have ever been appointed as Supreme Court Justices.  Finally, when it comes to the most powerful position in America, no woman has ever been nominated as the presidential candidate for either major political party.  Given the stagnation of women’s advancement in politics, it’s no surprise that women’s issues remain marginalized.  

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Remember, Remember to Vote in November!

Attention college students, women, those unemployed, those uninsured, minimum wage earners, environmentalists, teachers, families of the middle class, families of the lower class, and any others who are fed up with the North Carolina GOP: midterm voting is happening this November, and you are needed. 

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NC GOP Budget Ruins Education

      A week ago, the North state Senate passed a $21.2 billion budget plan for the  upcoming fiscal year. The budget won approval largely along party lines shortly after midnight on May 31st. As the budget is now being considered in the House, many North Carolinians have expressed concern over severe budget cuts to some of the state’s most vital institutions. One of the many problems with the bill is its failure to invest in the future of the state through public education.

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RELEASE: CDNC blast Thom Tillis

Contact: Micah Beasley
Phone: (919) 821-2777 Ext. 304

[email protected]


CDNC blasts Thom Tillis’ ‘whining losers’ comment

RALEIGH, NC—Today the College Democrats of North Carolina (CDNC) blasted U.S. Senate candidate, N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis for his outrageous comments last week saying, “…what I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers.”

“Speaker Tillis’ policies have made college less affordable, cutting nearly $500 million from public education and eliminating tax exemptions for parents saving to send their kids to college.  To add insult to injury, he’s even taxing our meal plans,” CDNC President Louis Duke said.  “Now, after cramming through his harmful anti-student agenda, Speaker Tillis calls us losers. How can students count on Thom Tillis to stand up for us in the U.S. Senate?”


News & Observer: NC tax deduction for 529 plan contributions will expire soon
At the end of the year, the state tax deduction is expiring, meaning thousands of parents like Wilcox are re-evaluating their options. It is one of roughly 40 tax breaks being eliminated under a sweeping new tax law approved by Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican-led legislature this year that will lower personal and corporate income taxes…Under existing state law, a married couple can deduct up to $5,000 and a single taxpayer up to $2,500 in contributions. A married couple contributing the maximum would save between $350 and $415, said Holly Nicholson, a Raleigh financial planner.  The tax break is one of the main incentives for North Carolina taxpayers to invest in the state-sponsored NC 529 plan and its elimination opens an assortment of investment options to parents who are saving for their children’s college costs. – [12/14/13]

The Daily Tar Heel: Sales tax will apply to meal plans
Meal plans and event tickets sold on North Carolina university campuses were formerly exempt from the state’s 6.75 percent sales tax, but the N.C. General Assembly repealed that exemption over the summer. The change takes effect Jan. 1. – [11/19/13]

Huffington Post: North Carolina Voter ID Law Targets College Students 
Legislation that North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) plans to sign into law -- despite not reading the entire bill -- will make it more difficult for college students to vote in the Tar Heel state.  The GOP-backed bill, H.B. 589, will require voters to display specific types of government-issued IDs at the polls, and it doesn't recognize college ID as valid identification. The measure also removes preregistration for high school students, cuts early voting time and eliminates same-day registration. – [7/30/13]



Release: CDNC blasts Republican Meal Plan Tax

CDNC blasts Republican Meal Plan Tax
RALEIGH, NC--A new Republican sales tax on students is coming to university dining halls across the state starting January 1st, 2014.   Over the summer, Republican majorities in the General Assembly, led by Speaker Tillis and President Pro Temp Berger, shifted a major sales tax burden onto the backs of students by ending the meal plan exemption.  This week, The Daily Tar Heel reported that on top of the 6.75 percent sales tax, UNC students will be subjected to additional taxation at the county-level.  The College Democrats of North Carolina (CDNC) spoke out in a release today:
 “The Tillis-Berger scheme will cost students and their parents hundreds of additional dollars due to their decision to end the sales tax exemption on universities’ meal plans,” said CDNC President Louis Duke. “Republicans are alarmingly out-of-touch with the needs and financial hardships faced by far too students and their families. Whether it was their threat to tax parents if their children voted where they went to school, tuition increases due Republican cuts to public education, or this new meal plans tax, Republicans simply don’t get it.  For years, Democrats made access to quality, affordable public education a top priority and it’s sad to see Republicans turn their back on that legacy. Come election time, however, they’re learn a valuable lesson and the College Democrats will be the ones doing the educating.”

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 Welcome to the new online home of the College Democrats of North Carolina!

 Our team has been working diligently over the past few months to bring you our newly developed digital platform, although our work is by no means complete, here you'll find the full gamut of online activism that comes with being a College Democrat(or a supporter!)

We chose today to launch our new online home for one reason and one reason only: as students, we're feeling firsthand the full effects of the radical Republican General Assembly.

That simple fact came to the forefront of the civic conversation in our state this weekend thanks to this article in The Daily Tarheel.

 The facts are simple: North Carolina Republicans are literally taxing our food.

 So we're fighting back.

 We have less than a year before the 2014 midterm elections, and one thing is for certain: college students will not stand for what we're seeing in Raleigh, and we certainly won't send that kind of failed leadership to the US Senate.

 Now is the time to get involved.

 So take a look around, sign our new petition hitting back against Republicans taxing our food, and of course join us in this fight.

 We're proud to have you standing with us.


Democratically yours,

Louis Duke

President of the College Democrats of North Carolina


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