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    CDNC Statement on Margaret Spellings

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    Chapel Hill, North Carolina – The College Democrats of North Carolina released the following statement in regards to the UNC Board of Governor’s appointment of Margaret Spellings as the new President of the University of North Carolina system.


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  • Join CDNC!

    Are you a college Democrat who wants to help turn NC blue? Apply for a position on the CDNC team!

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  • 8 Reasons to Say "No" to Thom Tillis

    1) In 2013, three different NC legislators spoke out against Thom Tillis, claiming the Speaker of the House was pandering to special interests and his prospective Senate campaign

    "It is a huge disappointment that the Governor and the Speaker of the House did not provide the leadership or have the political backbone to fight the special-interest groups, who favor loopholes over a fair tax system."

    Republican State Senator Bob Rucho in a letter of resignation from chairmanship of the NC Senate Finance Committee

    (Source: http://www.wral.com/tax-reform-remains-up-in-the-air-/12577790/)

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  • A Reason to Vote

    It’s been almost 100 years since women were given the right to vote and still American women are disproportionately underrepresented in our government.  The 113th Congress has 99 female members, making up just 18.5% of the seats.  Only four women have ever been appointed as Supreme Court Justices.  Finally, when it comes to the most powerful position in America, no woman has ever been nominated as the presidential candidate for either major political party.  Given the stagnation of women’s advancement in politics, it’s no surprise that women’s issues remain marginalized.  

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  • Remember, Remember to Vote in November!

    Attention college students, women, those unemployed, those uninsured, minimum wage earners, environmentalists, teachers, families of the middle class, families of the lower class, and any others who are fed up with the North Carolina GOP: midterm voting is happening this November, and you are needed. 

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