Welcome to the new online home of the College Democrats of North Carolina!

 Our team has been working diligently over the past few months to bring you our newly developed digital platform, although our work is by no means complete, here you'll find the full gamut of online activism that comes with being a College Democrat(or a supporter!)

We chose today to launch our new online home for one reason and one reason only: as students, we're feeling firsthand the full effects of the radical Republican General Assembly.

That simple fact came to the forefront of the civic conversation in our state this weekend thanks to this article in The Daily Tarheel.

 The facts are simple: North Carolina Republicans are literally taxing our food.

 So we're fighting back.

 We have less than a year before the 2014 midterm elections, and one thing is for certain: college students will not stand for what we're seeing in Raleigh, and we certainly won't send that kind of failed leadership to the US Senate.

 Now is the time to get involved.

 So take a look around, sign our new petition hitting back against Republicans taxing our food, and of course join us in this fight.

 We're proud to have you standing with us.


Democratically yours,

Louis Duke

President of the College Democrats of North Carolina




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