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CDNC blasts Thom Tillis’ ‘whining losers’ comment

RALEIGH, NC—Today the College Democrats of North Carolina (CDNC) blasted U.S. Senate candidate, N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis for his outrageous comments last week saying, “…what I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers.”

“Speaker Tillis’ policies have made college less affordable, cutting nearly $500 million from public education and eliminating tax exemptions for parents saving to send their kids to college.  To add insult to injury, he’s even taxing our meal plans,” CDNC President Louis Duke said.  “Now, after cramming through his harmful anti-student agenda, Speaker Tillis calls us losers. How can students count on Thom Tillis to stand up for us in the U.S. Senate?”


News & Observer: NC tax deduction for 529 plan contributions will expire soon
At the end of the year, the state tax deduction is expiring, meaning thousands of parents like Wilcox are re-evaluating their options. It is one of roughly 40 tax breaks being eliminated under a sweeping new tax law approved by Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican-led legislature this year that will lower personal and corporate income taxes…Under existing state law, a married couple can deduct up to $5,000 and a single taxpayer up to $2,500 in contributions. A married couple contributing the maximum would save between $350 and $415, said Holly Nicholson, a Raleigh financial planner.  The tax break is one of the main incentives for North Carolina taxpayers to invest in the state-sponsored NC 529 plan and its elimination opens an assortment of investment options to parents who are saving for their children’s college costs. – [12/14/13]

The Daily Tar Heel: Sales tax will apply to meal plans
Meal plans and event tickets sold on North Carolina university campuses were formerly exempt from the state’s 6.75 percent sales tax, but the N.C. General Assembly repealed that exemption over the summer. The change takes effect Jan. 1. – [11/19/13]

Huffington Post: North Carolina Voter ID Law Targets College Students 
Legislation that North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) plans to sign into law -- despite not reading the entire bill -- will make it more difficult for college students to vote in the Tar Heel state.  The GOP-backed bill, H.B. 589, will require voters to display specific types of government-issued IDs at the polls, and it doesn't recognize college ID as valid identification. The measure also removes preregistration for high school students, cuts early voting time and eliminates same-day registration. – [7/30/13]



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